Mare Tranquillitatis – Single


“Mare Tranquillitatis” is the fifth chapter of my upcoming album “Kaamos”, as previously stated I’m releasing a series of singles that will be collected in a dark ambient/drone album. The title of each song as well as the title of the album itself is going to have a metaphorical meaning, each song is going to have either an independent meaning and a specific role in the whole album, like pieces of a puzzle.

The tracks part of the album released so far are: “This is Darkness”, “Infernality”, “The Day the Sun never Rose”, “Entropy”.

“Mare Tranquillitatis” means “Sea of Tranquillity, it’s a lunar mare that sits within the Tranquillitatis basin on the Moon and also the first location on another world to be visited by humans.

Once thought to be an ocean on the Moon, it is now just “magnificent desolation”.

This track metaphorically describes the feeling of emptiness, I hope you never have to experience this, but if you did, figuratively speaking I’m sure you’ll find the name of the track quite fitting, and I find it ironic that most of the time there is peace in that feeling, the essence of which is noticing that there is something missing, something that once was there.

The composition is among the most ambient additions to the album, the music is calming, “dark serenity” might be a good way to describe it.

The single includes a bonus track which is an alternative choral version of the song.

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