Requiem for Humanity – Single


New release and a rant, the events in Ukraine hit me hard, to be honest I am speechless, I meant to rant, well…actually I needed to rant, because what is happening is complete madness, I ended up bottling up my emotions, I’m not good at expressing those kind of feelings to words, I needed to channel those negative emotions some way, that’s why I composed this track, which was unplanned, I composed it in one go.

The title “Requiem for Humanity” reflects very well what I think, and aggravating an already dire situation there are comments and posts from people, who are so stupid to minimise the gravity of the situation, appealing to the fact that there are other armed conflict and situations of violence in other part of the world, so they are basically resorting to cheap polemics to prove their point, I wonder if those people are aware that ignoring the seriousness of this war won’t make the other wars more “important”, and the other way around, well…to be honest in my opinion there is certainly some concern that what’s happening could lead to a nuclear war, so that doesn’t mean that the other conflicts don’t deserve the same attention, it just mean that this war is certainly more concerning for the whole damn world.

I actually read much worse than that, there is a portion of people who has already shown us its very worst during the pandemic, the conspiracy theorists, who don’t even deserve my attention.

Unspeakable horrors are happening right now in Ukraine, I am shocked at the lack of empathy from most.

Do you want to know how I really felt? I felt like there is no humanity, anywhere, anymore, so I wrote this piece, hoping I would feel better, but unfortunately nothing has changed.

I want to hope that humanity can do better than this.

Requiem for Humanity is a dramatic dark choral composition released in two versions, the main version is for choir and orchestra, the more ethereal alternative version is choral instead.

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