Krusciovke Starship

Krusciovke Starship is an Italian sovietwave music duo formed in 2021.

Alessandro Penna initially approached Fabrizio Brugnera and proposed to make a Sovietwave album together.Although they were actively leading their own projects, since their combined efforts were convincing enough, Brugnera decided to put forward the idea to make a go of it with a new music project, on which Penna agreed.

Set against the backdrop of a sovietwave narrative the duo’s music go beyond the designated boundaries of the genre.Their sound is nostalgic yet new in every way with a dynamic approach which incorporates elements as electronic, synthwave, darksynth, and space ambient.

The style is a bridge between the past and the future that never came

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Krusciovke Starship

1. 1989 (2:33)
2. Cosmist revival (2:12)
3. Memories of a Missing Future (3:34)
4. Undreamed (2:27)
5. Redream (2:25)
6. I see no God up here (2:00)
7. Soviet Bogatyr (2:37)
8. Red Mir (2:02)
9. Socialist Robocracy (2:25)
10. Moonbase Katyusha (4:25)
11. 1992 (1:51)

Released April 27, 2021
© 2021 Krusciovke Starship
℗ 2021 Krusciovke Starship

Album cover realised by Fabio Tacchi