This is Darkness – Official Video

“This is Darkness” out now:

This is Darkness is a Dark-Ambient/Atmospheric composition with an eerie feeling.

This single was composed after a reflection about the “concept” of darkness, in a philosophical context, they say darkness is the absence of light, however the two concepts couldn’t exist independently, besides everything is created in darkness, diving into the concept can lead to paradoxical theories, the darkness itself in many cultures is often associated with something scary, creepy and evil, when instead as a matter of fact, darkness is nothing but an abstract concept of inexistence.

Krusciovke Starship – New project

Krusciovke Starship is a new music project, it’s a sovietwave duo I share with Alessandro Penna, our debut album has been released just a few days ago:

Our sound is nostalgic yet new in every way with a dynamic approach which incorporates elements as electronic, synthwave, darksynth, and space ambient. If you are into that kind of music, you definitely want to check it out, whether you like it or not, if you wish to support us, please like our socials:





За здоро́вье!


The stunning cover has been realised by the artist Fabio Tacchi:

Chernobyl – Single


I drew inspiration from one of the most shattering events of the previous century,  on 26 April 1986 Europe witnessed the worst nuclear disaster in history.

The composition is a blend of drone, dark ambient and experimental music. 

This is far from being easy listening, the music evokes a sad and tragic atmosphere. 

The single includes a bonus track which is an alternative Drone version of the song.

Ouroboros – OUT NOW

Ouroboros in now available on all major streaming digital platforms!

It’s an instrumental concept album about the Ouroboros symbol, the snake biting its own tail, often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal through a process of destruction which brings creation and subsequently everything that’s created is destroyed.

The music is a blend of ambient and neoclassical music with a space ambient and cinematic twist.

Matrioshka Brain – EP

Matrioshka Brain is a collaboration with minimal space ambient artist Alessandro Penna , the six tracks part of the EP turned out to be musically different from what each of us usually creates with his own project, Ambient, Space Ambient and Electronic music are blended together with a hint of retro synth atmosphere.

It’s available on major digital platforms since September 11st:


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