Nyctophilia – Single


“Nyctophilia” is the eight chapter of my upcoming album “Kaamos”, as previously stated I’m releasing a series of singles that will be collected in a dark ambient/drone album with a cinematic atmosphere. The title of each song as well as the title of the album itself is going to have a metaphorical meaning, each song is going to have either an independent meaning and a specific role in the whole album, like pieces of a puzzle.

The tracks part of the album released so far are: “This is Darkness”, “Infernality”, “The Day the Sun Never Rose”, “Entropy”, “Mare Tranquillitatis”, “Obliterated Memories”, “Dystopian Mindset”.

Nyctophilia is a love of darkness, or taking comfort in the dark. It could also mean a preference for darkness, it’s a drone ambient composition with dark tones and probably the most avant-garde track of the album. 

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