Entropy – Single

OUT NOW: https://fabrizio-brugnera.fanlink.to/Entropy

“Entropy” is the fourth chapter of my upcoming album “Kaamos”, in case any of you missed one my previous posts….I’m releasing a series of singles that will be collected in a dark ambient/drone album. The title of each song as well as the title of the album itself is going to have a metaphorical meaning, each song is going to have either an independent meaning and a specific role in the whole album, like pieces of a puzzle.

The tracks part of the album released so far are:

“This is Darkness”, “Infernality”, “The Day the Sun never Rose”.

Entropy is a scientific concept, which in my opinion is extremely challenging to grasp, I won’t dare to attempt to explain it, I’ll mention the easiest explanation I found so far: “The entropy of an object is a measure of the amount of energy which is unavailable to do work. Entropy is also a measure of the number of possible arrangements the atoms in a system can have. In this sense, entropy is a measure of uncertainty or randomness.”

As usual I’m using the concept as a metaphor, in this case it’s about increased brain entropy.

The music is particularly slow and sad, so it’s very far from being easy listening, it’s not pure dark ambient/drone…but you should have already realised that you’d better not to try to put me in a box.

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