The Day the Sun Never Rose – Single


“The Day the Sun Never Rose” is the third chapter of a series of singles that will be collected in a dark ambient album, it’s going to be a concept album called Kaamos. The title of each song as well as the title of the album itself is going to have a metaphorical meaning, each song is going to have either an independent meaning and a specific role in the whole album, like pieces of a puzzle.

The track is indeed about a painful subject, sometimes some of us feel like there is nothing to hold onto, or nothing left of ourselves, in those days we almost feel like the sun never rose, the title of the composition is directly connected to the title of the album, the Kaamos, also known as the Polar Night, is the time of the year where there are at least 24 consecutive hours of darkness, a period between December and January when the sun does not rise at all, a unique nature phenomenon that occurs only in the Arctic area.
Needless to say that eventually, the sun rise again, and you should never forget about it even when you feel like everything is meaningless. 😉

This track is among the most neoclassical and cinematic of the album, doing it my way of course.

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