Blót – Official Video

“Blót” out now:

This time I created something different, the video is the official video of my single “Blót”, however it’s also been created to raise awareness of the environment. The word “Blót” means “sacrifice” or “worship”, it was one of the traditional rituals of the Norsemen. For this specific purpose I used the meaning as a metaphor, what we are sacrificing is our planet, our home, it’s easier ignore a very serious problem that is right before our eyes, which requires action rather than inertia, I invite you all to watch the video and then I wish to ask you two questions:

– Is this that you really want?

– Is there anything you can do to prevent that?

The music is a blend of Nordic Folk Music and Dramatic Cinematic Music. The composition has been released in two versions, the main version which is also a lot more cinematic is divided in two parts, the first part is instrumental and more minimalistic, it gradually leads to a dramatic second part that features female voices, the alternative version of the song, which is called “Blót – Ritual Version” is more folk-centered, that version is accompanied by speechlike recitation.

Blót is now available on all major digital music platforms.

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