The Butterfly EP – Remastered

The Butterfly was originally released in 2016 with the project Brugner Brokk, it’s a beatless ambient track with a slow gradual development, the sound is characterised by ethereal bright atmospheres developed with elements of new age, classical and ambient music.
The EP is entirely instrumental and tuned at 432Hz.
It’s been completely remixed and remastered, now available on:



Apple Music/iTunes

Google Play Music



And many others!

The butterfly in many cultures is seen as emblematic symbol of metamorphosis, it brings a powerful transformation in a sense of expansion, growth and elevation.
Its main symbolism is personal transformation, but it also represents the soul and its immortality.

Life Lessons From A Butterfly:

Let go of the past.
Trust the future.
Embrace change.
Come out of the cocoon.
Unfurl your wings.
Dare to get off the ground.
Ride the breeze.
Savor the flowers.
Put on your brightest colors.
Let your beauty show.

Composed, arranged, produced, programmed, mixed and mastered by Fabrizio Brugnera

Cover design and graphic by Veronica Ferraro, Fabrizio Brugnera
Texts and concept idea: Fabrizio Brugnera

Originally released in 2016
Remixed and Remastered in 2019 by Fabrizio Brugnera
Video realized by Fabrizio Brugnera

©℗ Fabrizio Brugnera

Font Before The Rain, © Måns Grebäck

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