Fabrizio Brugnera – Siril 2.0 – New Single 2019 Promo

Siril is an instrumental track on Fabrizio Brugnera’s 2010 EP, Nén.
The original composition was for piano and strings, Siril 2.0 is a new version released in 2019, with guitar as a lead instrument.
The new arrangment blends progressive rock with classical film music.
Among his compositions, “Siril” has significant relevance, as it was used in commercials and short films.
Siril 2.0 is the lead single of his upcoming album.



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Fabrizio Brugnera: guitar, bass, programming, engineering, production, mixing and mastering.

Cover design, graphic and photography by Ferraro Veronica

©℗ Fabrizio Brugnera

Font Before The Rain, © Måns Grebäck

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